Great news from the GRRU – Restaurant L’Oase is taking shape thanks to Solmaz

Great news from de GRRU – Our very own Oase is taking shape thanks to Solmaz (

Solmaz is an Ukrainian designer with Iranian roots. Awardwinning 27 Awards entrepreneur with more than 100 realised projects and her very own design furniture. She has a lot of experience in developing cafe and restaurants’ inner spaces. The interiors of 10 restaurants in Ukraine and other countries were designed by her.

She fled to the Netherlands from Ukraine over a year ago together with her 2 sons and she is currently living in Bussum.
We are very happy that Solmaz agreed to take Oase under her loving wings. She has beautiful plans for this space. They include sustainable interior, furniture upcycling, lots of greenery, creative, oriental design motives – that all to create a comfortable, inspiring atmosphere for all our visitors!

Watch this space for more and of course stop by to see with your own eyes how this story unfolds!

More about Solmaz and updates from l’oase:
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Instagram; @solmaz_primavers_ architect
Facebook; Solmaz Primavera
Article NRC: “De oorlog dwingt mij aan een nieuwe fase te beginnen”  (De oorlog dwingt mij aan een nieuwe fase te beginnen (pdf))

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